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GROWATT Infinity 1300: Unleash Power On-The-Go

GROWATT Infinity 1300 is the perfect choice if you’re in the market for a reliable and versatile portable power station. With its impressive features and high performance, this power station from Growatt is designed to meet your power needs, whether you’re camping, facing a power outage, or simply looking for a reliable backup solution.

From the moment I started using the Infinity 1300, I was blown away by its capabilities. The fast charging speed, multiple outlets, and long-lasting battery life made it a game-changer for my outdoor adventures and emergency situations. I was able to charge a variety of devices simultaneously, from laptops to cameras, without any issues. The convenience of being able to charge via solar, car, or wall outlet added to its appeal, making it a versatile companion for my travels. The lightweight design and easy portability made it a breeze to carry around, ensuring I always had power wherever I went.

GROWATT Infinity 1300: Premium Lifepo4 Battery

GROWATT Infinity 1300


Equipped with a premium 1382Wh LiFePO4 battery, the GROWATT Portable Power Station Solar Generator: Infinity 1300 ensures a safe and long-lasting power supply for a variety of needs. With over 3000 cycles for 10 years, this battery guarantees high performance in camping, home use, RV trips, power outages, and emergency situations. The Lifepo4 battery not only provides a reliable power source but also prioritizes safety and durability, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a dependable energy solution.

GROWATT Infinity 1300: Fast Charging Technology

GROWATT Infinity 1300


The INFINITY 1300 Power Station can be fully charged in just 1 thanks to its bi-directional inverter technology.8 hours using a single AC charging cable, eliminating the need for additional adapters. Moreover, the power station can be charged in 2.5 hours via solar panels with a 99% efficient MPPT controller, making it perfect for outdoor adventures and emergency situations where quick power supply is essential. This fast charging feature ensures that you can power up anywhere, anytime, without any hassle.

GROWATT Infinity 1300: Versatile Power Output

GROWATT Infinity 1300


Offering a wide range of power output options, the Infinity 1300 Portable Power Station includes 14 outlets such as AC outlets, DC outlets, USB A, USB C ports, and a wireless charging pad. With a substantial 1382Wh capacity and 1800W output, this power station can cater to almost 95% of electronic devices, making it suitable for off-grid living, camping, tailgating, and emergency backup situations. Its versatility in powering various devices makes it a convenient and reliable energy source for diverse needs.

Advanced Battery Management System

GROWATT Infinity 1300


The high-performance Battery Management System (BMS) equipped in the GROWATT INFINITY 1300 Power Station ensures optimal battery efficiency and longevity. The LiFePO4 battery, with its 3000+ life cycles and nearly 10-year lifespan, combined with the sophisticated BMS, provides real-time monitoring and analysis to maximize battery performance over time. This advanced system not only enhances the power station’s reliability but also prioritizes user safety and satisfaction.

Emergency Power Supply (EPS) Function

GROWATT Infinity 1300


The INFINITY 1300 Power Station offers ultra-reliable backup power for your home or workspace with a rapid Emergency Power Supply (EPS) response time of less than 20ms in the event of a power outage. This ensures that essential devices such as lights, refrigerators, medical equipment, and computers remain operational without interruption, providing peace of mind during emergencies. The EPS function of the power station underscores its reliability and practicality as a crucial backup power solution.

GROWATT Infinity 1300: User-Friendly Design



Designed for user convenience, the GROWATT INFINITY 1300 Power Station features intuitive buttons and a clear display that make operation straightforward and hassle-free. Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to transport, whether for outdoor adventures or home use. The power station’s versatility in supporting multiple devices simultaneously, coupled with its fast charging capabilities, ensures a seamless and efficient power supply experience for users across various settings.

GROWATT Infinity 1300: Solar Charging Efficiency



Solar charging efficiency is a standout feature of the INFINITY 1300 Power Station, allowing for quick and reliable charging using solar panels. With the ability to charge in just 2.5 hours via solar panels equipped with a 99% efficient MPPT controller, this power station is an ideal companion for off-grid living, camping trips, and emergency situations where access to conventional power sources may be limited. The efficient solar charging capability enhances the power station’s versatility and sustainability, providing an eco-friendly energy solution.

GROWATT Infinity 1300: Comprehensive Device Compatibility



The versatility of the Infinity 1300 Portable Power Station extends to its compatibility with a wide range of electronic devices, thanks to its 14 outlets and various charging ports. Whether you need to power laptops, smartphones, tablets, camera gear, portable fridges, or other essential devices, this power station has you covered. Its ability to cater to diverse charging needs makes it a versatile and indispensable energy source for individuals seeking a reliable power solution for various applications.

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In conclusion, the Infinity 1300 has exceeded my expectations in terms of performance and reliability. Its exceptional charging capabilities, versatile charging options, and reliable backup function have made it an essential part of my daily life. With its sleek design and user-friendly features, this portable power station is a worthwhile investment for anyone in need of reliable power on the go. I highly recommend the Infinity 1300 for its outstanding performance and versatility in meeting various power needs.

Questions & Answers:

Question: How long does it take to fully charge the Growatt Infinity 1300 Power Station?

Answer: The Infinity 1300 can be fully charged in just 1.8 hours with a single AC charging cable, providing quick and efficient power replenishment.

Question: What types of devices can the Infinity 1300 Power Station power?

Answer: The Infinity 1300 features 14 outlets, including AC outlets, DC outlets, USB A, USB C ports, and a wireless charging pad, making it capable of powering almost 95% of electronic devices, from smartphones to small appliances.

Question: How does the Battery Management System (BMS) in the Infinity 1300 enhance safety and efficiency?

Answer: The sophisticated BMS in the Infinity 1300 power station offers real-time monitoring and analysis of the LiFePO4 battery, optimizing battery efficiency over the long term and ensuring the safety of the user’s power supply needs.

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