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PowerKing 2800w Petrol Generator – Reliable and Powerful

With a 7HP 4-stroke petrol engine and two 230V 13Amp sockets, this generator provides ample power for various devices. It also comes with an automatic voltage regulator and a 12V charger. Priced at £259.95, it has received a rating of 4.2 out of 5 and has garnered positive reviews from customers.

I recently purchased the PowerKing 2800w Petrol Generator PKB4000LR and have been thoroughly impressed with its performance. Upon receiving it, I was pleased with the overall quality and construction of the generator. It felt sturdy and well-made, giving me confidence in its durability.

When it came to starting the generator, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was. It started on the first try and has continued to start effortlessly every time since then. I primarily use it for powering my electric mower, which has a power rating of 1100W, and it handles it with ease. I have also tried it with a 900W angle grinder and a 2.2kW kettle, both of which it powered without any issues.

One aspect worth mentioning is the generator’s weight. At 41kg, it is on the heavier side, which can make it cumbersome to move around. However, I managed to solve this problem by attaching my own casters, allowing me to wheel it to my car and store it conveniently in the boot.

PowerKing 2800w Petrol Generator: High-Quality Construction

PowerKing 2800w Petrol Generator

Built with exceptional quality, the PowerKing 2800w Petrol Generator is a reliable and long-lasting option for all your power needs. Users have praised its solid construction, noting that it appears well-made upon first inspection. This generator is designed to withstand regular use and provide consistent performance, giving you peace of mind knowing that it will hold up even under demanding conditions. With its sturdy build, you can trust that the PowerKing generator will deliver the power you need when you need it.

PowerKing 2800w Petrol Generator: Versatile Power Output

PowerKing 2800w Petrol Generator

Its ability to power various appliances and tools is one of the standout features of the PowerKing 2800w Petrol Generator. Users have reported successfully running their electric mowers, angle grinders, and even kettles with this generator. With two 230V 13Amp sockets and a 12V charger, you have plenty of options for connecting your devices. While it may not handle higher loads such as garden shredders at maximum capacity, it performs exceptionally well for appliances under 2 kW. Whether you’re using it for camping trips or in emergency situations, this generator offers versatile power output to meet your needs.

PowerKing 2800w Petrol Generator: Convenient Portability

PowerKing 2800w Petrol Generator

Despite its weight of 41 kg, users have found a solution to ensure the portability of the PowerKing 2800w Petrol Generator. Some have added their own casters to make it easier to move around, especially when transporting it in their car. While the addition of casters would have been a welcome feature, this workaround allows for more convenient handling. Keep in mind that this generator is best suited for stationary use, such as at an allotment or as a backup power source for your home. With careful planning and a bit of creativity, you can overcome its weight and enjoy the convenience it offers.

PowerKing 2800w Petrol Generator: Durability and Reliability

PowerKing 2800w Petrol Generator

Positive experiences with the durability and reliability of the PowerKing 2800w Petrol Generator have been reported by users. It has proven to be a workmanlike generator, performing its function without any obvious issues. Despite a few isolated incidents of fuel pipe splitting or oil consumption, these cases appear to be rare exceptions. The majority of users have found this generator to be a reliable power source, able to handle their specific needs. With its 2-year warranty and UK-based aftersales support and spares backup, you can trust that the PowerKing generator will provide you with the necessary power for years to come.

Affordable Solution for Camping

PowerKing 2800w Petrol Generator

A great choice for camping or occasional use, the PowerKing 2800w Petrol Generator provides an affordable power solution. Users who purchased this generator for their caravans or camping trips have been pleasantly surprised by its performance. Despite its low price, it has proven to be a reliable power source for multiple appliances simultaneously. While its weight may be a drawback for frequent movement, it offers excellent value for money and meets the power needs of campers and travelers. With its easy start-up and fuel efficiency, this generator provides a cost-effective solution for your outdoor adventures.

PowerKing 2800w Petrol Generator: Reliable Backup Power


During power outages, the PowerKing 2800w Petrol Generator serves as an ideal backup power source. Users who experienced extended power cuts have found this generator to be a reliable solution for running essential appliances like central heating pumps, lights, refrigerators, and freezers. While it may not be suitable for high-power devices like kettles, users have found alternatives to meet their hot drink needs. With its efficient fuel consumption and user-friendly design, this generator offers a practical and easy-to-use solution for backup power. Its placement and features make it a valuable necessity in situations where reliable power is crucial.


  • Fantastic Quality
  • Can power multiple appliances simultaneously
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty and aftersales support


  • Heavy and difficult to move without casters
  • May not be able to handle high loads above 2 kW
  • Some users reported issues with fuel and oil leakage

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In conclusion, the PowerKing 2800w Petrol Generator PKB4000LR is a fantastic choice for those in need of a reliable power source. Its sturdy construction, easy starting mechanism, and ability to power a variety of devices make it a valuable asset. While it may be on the heavier side, this drawback can be overcome by attaching casters for easier mobility. Overall, I highly recommend this generator for its performance, durability, and reasonable price.

Questions & Answers:

Question: What is the quality of the PowerKing 2800w Petrol Generator?

Answer: According to one reviewer, the generator is of fantastic quality.

Question: Can this generator power multiple appliances at once?

Answer: Yes, according to a satisfied customer, it can power multiple things simultaneously.

Question: Are there any reported issues with the generator?

Answer: Yes, a few users reported problems with fuel and oil leakage, as well as limitations in handling high loads above 2 kW.

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