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Champion Power Equipment 73001i – Reliable Power and Outstanding Performance

Packed with features like True Sine Wave Technology, Power Surge Protection, and Economy Mode, this generator is perfect for various applications. With its compact size and lightweight design, it is also highly portable, making it suitable for camping trips and light household chores. In this review, we will explore the key features and provide an overall assessment of the generator.

During a recent power outage in my area, I decided to invest in the Champion 73001i-E generator. I was impressed by its electric start feature, which made starting the generator effortless. The 3500W petrol engine provided ample power to keep my essential appliances running smoothly. I particularly appreciated the True Sine Wave Inverter Technology, as it ensured a stable power supply, making it safe to use with sensitive electronics like laptops and TVs. Additionally, the generator’s ultra-quiet operation allowed me to enjoy a peaceful camping experience without disturbing my fellow campers.

Champion Power Equipment 73001i: Superior Power and Features

Champion Power Equipment 73001i

vised list of sentences:. With multiple fuel types to choose from, this generator is packed with great features. It includes True Sine Wave Technology, which makes it ideal for sensitive electronics like computers and TVs. It also has Power Surge Protection, Economy Mode, Parallel Connectability, EZ Start, and USB Charging. Additionally, it comes with a 3 Year Warranty, giving you peace of mind.

Champion Power Equipment 73001i: Ultra Quiet and Portable Inverter

Champion Power Equipment 73001i

Offering superior power and outstanding performance, the Champion Power Equipment 73001i-E 3500 Watt Petrol Portable Inverter Generator is a top choice.5cm, the Champion Power Equipment 73001i-E is extremely lightweight and portable. It is perfect for camping trips, traveling, picnics, and light jobs around the house. The generator features a built-in Handle and Wheel Kit for easy transportation. One of its standout features is its ultra-quiet operation, producing only 58 dBA of noise. You can enjoy reliable power without disturbing your surroundings.

Champion Power Equipment 73001i: Reliable Champion 3500W Petrol Engine

Champion Power Equipment 73001i

Measuring 69 x 49 x 50 and weighing only 43Kg, the Champion Power Equipment 73001i-E is compact and lightweight. It offers Electric Push Button Start for easy ignition. With a maximum wattage of 3500 and running watts of 3200, this generator provides ample power for various applications. The higher output 192cc engine ensures optimal performance. It can run up to 8 hours on a full 4.0 liters tank at 25% load. The generator also features a 15-second Digital Power Delay and Auto Oil Shutoff for added convenience and safety.

Champion Power Equipment 73001i: True Sine Wave Inverter Technology

Champion Power Equipment 73001i

Equipped with a reliable 3500W petrol engine, the Champion Power Equipment 73001i-E ensures reliable power supply. Whether you’re on a camping trip or need to power small household items like fridges, freezers, power tools, lighting units, or garden equipment, this generator has got you covered. It also has parallel capability, allowing you to pair it with other Champion Inverters using an optional Parallel Kit. This gives you the flexibility to double your power output if needed.

Dual USB Adapter and Smart Charge

Champion Power Equipment 73001i

Perfect for powering sensitive electronics, the Champion Power Equipment 73001i-E features True Sine Wave Inverter Technology. This allows you to conveniently power your phone, laptop, tablet, or any other compatible device. The generator also features a 3 in 1 Intelligauge and Smart Charge option. This enables you to charge the battery directly from the mains, minimizing power loss. For those who require even more power, the Parallel Kit (sold separately) allows you to pair this generator with another Champion inverter.

Champion Power Equipment 73001i: Customer Reviews


With a handy Dual Port 12v DC USB Adapter, the Champion Power Equipment 73001i-E offers convenient charging options. One reviewer praised its fantastic performance and how it has been helping their family during power outages in Ukraine. Another reviewer had a negative experience with the seller, Bimsons Power, who refused to address warranty issues directly. Another customer mentioned that the generator does not come with any oil, which they found frustrating.


  • Superior Power & Features – The Champion Power Equipment 73001i-E offers exceptional power and performance. It comes with multiple fuel options and is packed with great features like True Sine Wave Technology, Power Surge Protection, Economy Mode, and more. Plus, it comes with a 3-year warranty for peace of mind.
  • Ultra Quiet & Portable Inverter – This generator weighs only 43kg and is compact in size, making it extremely lightweight and portable. It’s perfect for camping trips, travel, picnics, and light household tasks. What’s more, it operates at a quiet 58 dBA, so you won’t disturb your surroundings.
  • Reliable Champion 3500W Petrol Engine – With an electric push-button start and a 3500 maximum watt output, this generator is equipped with a powerful 192cc petrol engine. It can run up to 8 hours on a full tank (at 25% load) and features a 15-second digital power delay and auto oil shutoff for added convenience.


  • Lack of Oil Included – One customer found it frustrating that the generator did not come with any oil. They emphasized that this was an annoying feature on Amazon and expressed disappointment that they couldn’t use the product right away.
  • Warranty Issues with Seller – Another customer had difficulties with warranty issues, specifically with the seller Bimsons Power. They mentioned that the seller insisted on all warranty matters going through Amazon, making it challenging to address any concerns or seek initial advice.
  • Limited Media Loading – One review mentioned that the media for the product could not be loaded. Although this may not directly impact the functionality of the generator, it could be frustrating for those who rely on media for instructions or additional information.

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In conclusion, the Champion Power Equipment 73001i-E generator has proven to be a reliable and versatile power solution. Its compact size, lightweight design, and portability make it incredibly convenient for various outdoor activities. The inclusion of useful features such as the dual USB adapter and smart charge option further enhances its functionality. However, it is important to note that the generator does not come with any oil, which was a minor inconvenience. Overall, I am highly satisfied with the Champion 73001i-E generator and would recommend it to anyone in need of a reliable and quiet power source.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Can the Champion Power Equipment 73001i-E be used to power sensitive electronics?

Answer: Yes, this generator is ideal for sensitive electronics like computers, laptops, and TVs, thanks to its true sine wave inverter technology.

Question: Can I charge my devices using this generator?

Answer: Absolutely! The Champion Power Equipment 73001i-E comes with a dual port 12V DC USB adapter, allowing you to conveniently charge your phone, laptop, tablet, or similar devices.

Question: Can I connect this generator to another Champion inverter for more power?

Answer: Yes, you can! The Champion Power Equipment 73001i-E has parallel capability, meaning you can pair it up with another Champion inverter using an optional parallel kit for double the power.

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