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Inverter Generator Petrol 4000W – Reliable and Powerful Portable Option

Inverter Generator Petrol 4000W, the RocwooD Portable is a reliable and powerful companion for all your outdoor adventures and backup power needs. With its advanced motor and inverter technology, this generator delivers clean and pure-sine power, making it suitable for running sensitive electronic equipment. Packed with convenient features like a built-in battery, multiple outlets, and a sturdy handle, the RocwooD generator offers both convenience and performance. In this review, we will delve into its features and explore the experiences of users who have already put it to the test.

During the initial setup of the RocwooD Portable Inverter Generator, I found it to be incredibly easy to assemble and get started. Adding the supplied oil, connecting the battery, and filling it with petrol was a breeze. With just a few pulls of the recoil starter, the generator roared to life. I decided to test its noise level by plugging in a 2kw heater, and to my surprise, the generator remained impressively quiet, even under load.

In terms of performance, I haven’t had the opportunity to use it extensively yet, but the RocwooD generator has already proven to be reliable. Its compact design and lightweight construction make it easy to transport, thanks to the telescopic handle and all-terrain wheels. The generous running time of over 12 hours at half load provides ample power for extended trips or backup during power outages. The dual USB sockets for fast charging and the 12V battery charging outlet are added conveniences that come in handy.

Precision Design and Advanced Technology

Inverter Generator Petrol 4000W

Standing out with its precision design and advanced motor and inverter technology, the RocwooD RG8000I portable generator offers powerful performance. This generator is manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring reliability and durability. Powered by a single cylinder OHV four-stroke air cooled engine, the RG8000I exceeds the Euro V standard. What sets this generator apart is its inverter, which produces 100% clean pure-sine power. This means it is capable of running even the most sensitive electronic equipment without any risk of damage. Whether you need to power your camping appliances or run tools on a job site, the RG8000I is up to the task.

Powerful Performance and Versatility

Inverter Generator Petrol 4000W

Capable of handling a wide range of appliances, the RocwooD RG8000I with 3500 watts of continuous power output and 4000 watts available for the initial draw is a reliable choice. It is ideal for camping trips, providing reliable and powerful performance. The RG8000I comes equipped with two approved 230V 16AMP outlets, dual USB sockets for fast charging, and a 12V 8AMP battery charging outlet. Its built-in battery allows for easy push-button start, with a pull start option as a backup. The generator’s impressive 6L engine ensures a running time of over 12 hours at half load or 6 hours at full load. Despite its power, the RG8000I is one of the quietest generators on the market, idling at just 65 decibels on a 50% load.

Convenient Portability and Ease of Use

Inverter Generator Petrol 4000W

Designed with convenience in mind, the RocwooD RG8000I is a portable generator that prioritizes ease of use. It features a sturdy telescopic handle and large all-terrain wheels, allowing for easy transportation. Whether you’re moving it around a job site or taking it on a camping trip, the RG8000I can be transported with minimum fuss. The generator also comes with a remote control for added convenience. Its user-friendly design includes clear instructions for setup, ensuring a hassle-free experience. The RG8000I is a versatile and reliable generator that can be relied upon in various situations.

Inverter Generator Petrol 4000W: Positive Customer Reviews

Inverter Generator Petrol 4000W

Positive experiences have been shared by customers who have purchased the RocwooD RG8000I generator. They praise the easy setup process, with the generator starting on the first try. The quiet operation, even under load, is another highlight mentioned by customers. The build quality of the generator is also appreciated, with customers finding it sturdy and durable. The telescopic handle and remote control add to the overall convenience of using the generator. Overall, customers find the RG8000I to be a good value for money and recommend it as a backup power source or for various outdoor activities.

Inverter Generator Petrol 4000W: Conclusion

Inverter Generator Petrol 4000W

Offering precision design, advanced technology, and powerful performance, the RocwooD RG8000I portable generator is an excellent choice. Its versatility makes it suitable for camping trips, job sites, and as a backup power source. The generator’s ease of use, convenient portability, and positive customer reviews further reinforce its reliability and value. If you’re in need of a reliable and powerful generator, the RocwooD RG8000I is definitely worth considering.


  • The RocwooD RG8000I portable generator is manufactured to the highest standards, with advanced motor and inverter technology.
  • It is capable of running sensitive electronic equipment, as it produces 100% clean pure-sine power.
  • The generator offers a large 6L engine, providing an impressive running time of over 12 hours at half load or 6 hours at full load.


  • The price of the RocwooD RG8000I portable generator is £699.99, which may be considered expensive for some customers.
  • The generator has a limited number of reviews, with only 9 at the time of writing, which may make it difficult for customers to gauge its performance and reliability.
  • The generator weighs a significant amount due to its sturdy construction, making it less portable compared to lighter options on the market.

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In conclusion, the RocwooD Portable Inverter Generator is a solid investment for anyone in need of a reliable and powerful power source. Its precision design and adherence to high manufacturing standards ensure top-notch performance. The positive experiences shared by users further validate its quality and functionality. Whether you require it for camping, motorhomes, off-grid cabins, or as backup power, the RocwooD generator proves to be a workhorse that you can depend on. With its affordable price point and excellent features, it offers great value for money.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Is the RocwooD RG8000I generator easy to set up?

Answer: According to one customer review, the generator is easy to set up. Simply add the supplied oil, connect the battery, and add petrol. It also starts easily, either with the push of a button or using the pull start as a backup.

Question: How quiet is the RocwooD RG8000I generator?

Answer: Another customer review mentions that the generator is quiet, with noise levels hardly increasing when a 2kW heater was plugged in.

Question: Is the RocwooD RG8000I generator suitable for camping?

Answer: Yes, the generator is ideal for camping as it provides 3500 watts of continuous power output and can run a range of appliances. It is also one of the quietest generators on the market and has a running time of over 12 hours at half load.

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