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KELUNIS 1100Wh Solar Generator Review

The KELUNIS 1100Wh Solar Generator is a high-capacity portable power station that offers a range of features for powering your devices during emergencies or outdoor adventures. With multiple outputs and a regulated DC 12V output, this power station provides versatility and reliability.

I recently had the opportunity to test out the KELUNIS Portable Power Station during a camping trip, and I was thoroughly impressed with its performance. The larger capacity and higher wattages ensured that I had power supply for my essential devices for several days without any issues. The real-time display and LED light were convenient features that allowed me to monitor the battery status easily. I also appreciated the regulated DC 12V output, which provided a stable and safe charging experience for all my devices.

High Capacity and Wattage

KELUNIS 1100Wh Solar Generator


The KELUNIS Power Station boasts a larger capacity of 1100Wh, making it a reliable source of power during unexpected outages. With a power output of 1200W (peak 2000W), this portable generator can provide energy for up to 2 to 3 days, ensuring that your essential devices remain powered when you need them most. Whether you’re camping off-grid or experiencing a power cut at home, the KELUNIS Power Station offers a robust solution for your energy needs.

KELUNIS 1100Wh Solar Generator: Versatile Outputs

KELUNIS 1100Wh Solar Generator


With regulated DC 12V output, the KELUNIS Power Station utilizes voltage stabilizing technology to ensure safe and efficient charging for your devices.0 fast charging, USB-C PD3.0, and AC outlets, the KELUNIS Power Station caters to a variety of devices. From charging smartphones and laptops to running CPAP machines and outdoor appliances, this generator offers versatility and convenience. With its comprehensive range of outputs, you can power multiple devices simultaneously without compromising on performance.

Smart Display and LED Light

KELUNIS 1100Wh Solar Generator


The KELUNIS Power Station is equipped with a smart LCD digital screen that provides real-time information on battery status, input/output wattage, and AC/DC output. This feature allows you to monitor the power usage and remaining battery capacity with ease. Additionally, the built-in LED light offers illumination in low-light conditions, making it ideal for outdoor adventures or emergencies. Stay informed and prepared with the intuitive display and LED light of the KELUNIS Power Station.

KELUNIS 1100Wh Solar Generator: Voltage Stabilizing Technology

KELUNIS 1100Wh Solar Generator


The KELUNIS Power Station offers three convenient ways to recharge, giving you flexibility and versatility in powering up the generator. This technology maintains a steady voltage level, preventing fluctuations that could damage sensitive electronics. Whether you’re charging your devices at home or on the go, you can rely on the KELUNIS Power Station to deliver consistent power without any voltage issues. Experience smooth and reliable charging with the advanced voltage stabilizing technology of this portable generator.

KELUNIS 1100Wh Solar Generator: Multi-channel Charging Options

KELUNIS 1100Wh Solar Generator


Featuring multiple output options, including double DC 12V/10A, USB-A, QC3. You can use 120W solar panels to create a solar generator system for sustainable energy solutions. Alternatively, you can charge the power station using a wall outlet or a 12V carport, allowing you to replenish power from various sources. Whether you’re in the great outdoors or at home, the KELUNIS Power Station ensures that you can charge up anytime, anywhere. Embrace multi-channel charging capabilities for uninterrupted power supply with this innovative generator.


  • The KELUNIS Portable Power Station offers a larger capacity of 1100Wh, providing up to 2-3 days of power supply during emergencies.
  • It features multiple output options including DC, USB, and AC outlets, making it versatile for charging various devices.
  • The real-time display and LED light provide easy monitoring of battery status and wattage, ensuring convenience and efficiency.


  • The price of £1,937.91 may be a significant investment for some consumers.
  • The product’s weight and size may not be ideal for those looking for a more portable power solution.
  • The peak power output of 2000W may not be sufficient for powering certain high-energy consumption devices.

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Overall, the KELUNIS Portable Power Station exceeded my expectations with its reliable performance and versatile charging options. Whether you are using it for outdoor activities, emergency backup power, or on-the-go charging, this power station delivers on its promise of providing a dependable power source. I highly recommend the KELUNIS Portable Power Station to anyone in need of a portable and efficient power solution.

Questions & Answers:

Question: How long does it take to fully charge the KELUNIS Portable Power Station?

Answer: The charging time for the KELUNIS Portable Power Station varies depending on the method used. It can be charged with 120W solar panels, a wall outlet, or a 12V carport.

Question: Can the KELUNIS Portable Power Station be used to power CPAP machines?

Answer: Yes, the KELUNIS Portable Power Station can be used to power CPAP machines, providing a reliable backup power source for users.

Question: Is the KELUNIS Portable Power Station suitable for outdoor activities like camping or RV trips?

Answer: Yes, the KELUNIS Portable Power Station is designed for outdoor use and is a convenient power backup solution for camping, RV trips, and other outdoor activities.

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