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Spark Petrol Inverter Generator Review: Compact Design with Noise Level Concerns

With its 2000 watt copper-wound motor and intelligent inverter technology, it promises to deliver clean and efficient electricity. Priced at £199.99, this generator comes with a 2-year warranty and offers features like low oil protection and an ECO model switch. In this review, I will share my personal experience with the Spark Petrol Inverter Generator.

After purchasing the Spark Petrol Inverter Generator, I was initially impressed with its compact size and lightweight design. Setting it up was fairly straightforward, and I appreciated the inclusion of a UK plug socket. However, I did encounter some issues during my usage.

One aspect that disappointed me was the noise level. While Amazon listed it as 65db, the label on the generator stated 95db, which was considerably louder. This difference was misleading and made it less suitable for use in quiet environments. Additionally, I found that the generator only generated power consistently when I used a bit of choke, which was an inconvenience.

On a positive note, the fuel gauge on the top of the generator made it easy to monitor the remaining fuel, ensuring I never ran out unexpectedly. The high-performance engine and great cooling system were also impressive, providing reliable power output during my outdoor activities.

Spark Petrol Inverter Generator : Powerful and Efficient Performance

Spark Petrol Inverter Generator

Offering a powerful and efficient performance for all your electricity needs, the Spark Petrol Inverter Generator 2000w from GSL SPARK is a top choice. With its copper-wound motor, this generator provides up to 2000 watts of electricity output, allowing you to build, cater, clean, or perform for longer periods of time. Whether you’re camping, hosting outdoor events, or working on a construction site, this generator has got you covered.In addition to its power, this generator also features intelligent inverter technology, which delivers clean electricity power with high efficiency. This means that you can confidently power your sensitive electronic devices without worrying about surges or fluctuations. The parallel model capability allows you to connect multiple generators for even more power when needed. With its high-performance engine and great cooling system, this generator ensures reliable and consistent performance, even in demanding conditions.

Spark Petrol Inverter Generator : Fuel Efficiency and Convenience

Spark Petrol Inverter Generator

Designed with fuel efficiency in mind, the Spark Petrol Inverter Generator 2000w ensures optimal use of fuel. It has an ECO MODEL SWITCH that reduces waste, making it more environmentally friendly. This feature also helps to prolong the generator’s run time, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted power for longer periods. With a fuel gauge conveniently located on the top, you can easily monitor the fuel level and know when it’s time to refill.Moreover, this generator comes with a 10-liter fuel tank, providing you with up to 10 hours of electricity output. This is especially useful during camping trips or outdoor events where access to electricity may be limited. The low oil protection feature ensures the safety of the generator by automatically cutting off the power if the oil level is too low. This helps to prevent any potential damage to the engine and ensures its longevity.

Portable and Easy to Use

Spark Petrol Inverter Generator

With a focus on portability and ease of use, the Spark Petrol Inverter Generator 2000w is designed to be convenient for any situation. With its compact dimensions of 390*450*440mm and a net weight of only 21kg, this generator is highly portable and can be easily transported to wherever you need it. Whether you’re going camping, hosting a tailgate party, or working on a remote job site, this generator is your reliable source of power.Equipped with UK plug sockets, this generator allows you to easily connect your devices without the need for any additional adapters. The 2-year warranty and UK returns offer peace of mind, ensuring that you are covered in case of any issues or defects. Overall, the Spark Petrol Inverter Generator 2000w combines power, efficiency, and convenience in a compact and portable package.

Spark Petrol Inverter Generator : Customer Review

Despite receiving mixed reviews, the Spark Petrol Inverter Generator 2000w maintains an average rating of 3.0 out of 5 stars, it is important to note that one customer mentioned that the noise level was higher than advertised. The customer stated that the generator produced 95db of noise, while the product listing on Amazon mentioned 65db. This discrepancy in noise level may be misleading for potential buyers who are looking for a quieter generator.Additionally, the customer mentioned that the generator only generated electricity when a bit of choke was used. While this may not be a major issue for some users, it is worth considering for those who require consistent and reliable power output. It is important to thoroughly research and consider customer reviews before making a purchase decision to ensure that the product meets your specific needs and requirements.


  • The Spark Petrol Inverter Generator has a 2-year warranty and offers UK returns, providing peace of mind to the customers.
  • With its copper-wound motor, this generator can provide up to 10 hours of electricity output, allowing for longer usage with just 10 liters of fuel.
  • The generator features an intelligent inverter technology that delivers clean electricity power with high efficiency, ensuring a reliable power source.


  • One customer mentioned that the advertised noise level on Amazon is 65dB, but the label on the generator states 95dB, which can be misleading for those looking for a quieter option.
  • According to a review, the generator is not as quiet as advertised and requires the use of the choke to generate power.
  • The generator’s noise level and the need for the choke may affect the overall user experience, especially for those who prioritize a quiet and easy-to-use generator.

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In conclusion, the Spark Petrol Inverter Generator offers some useful features and a compact design. However, the discrepancy in noise levels and the need for choke to generate power were drawbacks that affected my overall satisfaction. While it may be suitable for certain applications, I would recommend considering other options if noise level and consistent power generation are important factors for your needs.

Questions & Answers:

Question: What is the warranty period for the Spark Petrol Inverter Generator?

Answer: The generator comes with a 2-year warranty, providing customers with added assurance and support.

Question: How long can the generator provide electricity output with a full tank of fuel?

Answer: The generator can provide up to 10 hours of electricity output with just 10 liters of fuel, allowing for extended usage.

Question: Is the generator known for its quiet operation?

Answer: According to a customer review, the generator is not as quiet as advertised and may generate noise levels higher than stated.

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