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“T-MAX Portable Petrol Generator – Reliable and Versatile Power Solution”

With a 3.0 KVA 8HP engine and dual electric key start, it offers convenience and ease of use. Priced at £269.99, this generator has received a rating of 4.3 out of 5 and has garnered 75 reviews. In this review, I will share my personal experience with the product and provide an overall conclusion.

I have been using the T-MAX Portable Petrol Generator for a few months now, and I must say that it has exceeded my expectations. Setting it up was a breeze, and the dual electric key start option makes it incredibly convenient to power up. I have used it to run various corded power tools during my outdoor projects, and it has consistently delivered reliable and stable power.

One standout feature of this generator is its copper wound motor, which ensures maximum power output and stability. I appreciate that it comes with two AC 240V UK 3 Pin Plugs and a 12V DC output, allowing me to connect multiple devices simultaneously. Despite its 8HP output, the generator operates quietly with a rated noise level of 69dB, which is a great advantage for noise-sensitive environments.

I also want to highlight the excellent customer service provided by Dealourus. When my generator arrived with some minor damages caused by the courier, James from Dealourus went above and beyond to assist me in resolving the issue. His prompt and helpful responses truly impressed me, and I felt valued as a customer.

T-MAX Portable Petrol Generator: Powerful and Reliable Performance

T-MAX Portable Petrol Generator

Providing powerful and reliable performance for a variety of applications, the Dealourus T-MAX Portable Petrol Generator 6000-WE is a top choice. With its 8HP copper wound motor, it offers maximum power and current stability throughout. Whether you need to power corded power tools or appliances, this generator delivers the necessary energy to get the job done.Equipped with dual electric key start and T-MAX EASY recoil start, this generator provides convenience and ease of use. You can choose to start it with the electric key start or use the traditional recoil start method. This flexibility ensures that you can start the generator effortlessly, even in challenging conditions.

Versatile Power Output and Multiple Outlets

T-MAX Portable Petrol Generator

With its versatile power output options, the T-MAX Portable Petrol Generator is designed to meet your power needs. It features two AC 240V UK 3 pin plugs and a 12V DC output, allowing you to connect various devices and appliances. Whether you need to power tools, electronics, or lighting equipment, this generator has you covered.The multiple outlets provide convenience and flexibility, enabling you to power multiple devices simultaneously. Whether you’re working on a construction site, camping in the outdoors, or facing a power outage at home, this generator ensures that you have the necessary power supply to keep things running smoothly.

T-MAX Portable Petrol Generator: Quiet Operation and Portable Design

T-MAX Portable Petrol Generator

Designed with quiet operation in mind, the T-MAX Portable Petrol Generator ensures a peaceful environment. With a silent 69dB rated noise level, this generator minimizes noise disturbances, making it suitable for use in residential areas or noise-sensitive environments. You can work or relax without the constant noise interruption typically associated with generators.Despite its powerful performance, this generator features a portable design. While it may not be the lightest machine, it is robust and durable, making it suitable for various outdoor applications. Additionally, you can add aftermarket wheels to facilitate easier movement. Whether you need to transport it to different job sites or move it around your property, this generator offers convenience and portability.

T-MAX Portable Petrol Generator: Warranty and Customer Support

T-MAX Portable Petrol Generator

Backed by a 24-month warranty, Dealourus guarantees the reliability of the T-MAX Portable Petrol Generator. In case of any issues or technical difficulties, you can rely on their UK/IRE based technical support line for assistance. Additionally, an extended warranty can be purchased during checkout, providing further peace of mind.The company prides itself on its approachable and responsive customer service. Customers have praised the company for its quick replies and willingness to resolve any issues. Whether it’s a damaged product during shipping or a technical problem, Dealourus ensures that their customers receive the best assistance and support.

Customer Reviews Speak Highly of the Product

T-MAX Portable Petrol Generator

Satisfied customers have given the T-MAX Portable Petrol Generator positive reviews for its exceptional performance. Many users have praised its ease of setup and use, highlighting its reliability in powering various tools and appliances. Customers have also appreciated the customer service provided by Dealourus, mentioning their responsiveness and helpfulness.While some customers have mentioned a few cons, such as the generator’s weight and the need for additional accessories, the overall sentiment is positive. The generator’s performance, convenience features, and customer support have garnered high ratings and positive feedback.

Recommended for its Performance and Value

Recommended for its performance and value, the T-MAX Portable Petrol Generator receives high praise from customers and experts alike. With its powerful and reliable performance, versatile power output options, quiet operation, and portable design, this generator offers a practical solution for various power needs.Coupled with the warranty and customer support provided by Dealourus, you can purchase this generator with confidence. Whether you’re a professional contractor, an outdoor enthusiast, or someone in need of a backup power source, the T-MAX Portable Petrol Generator is a reliable and efficient choice.


  • The T-MAX Portable Petrol Generator offers a 24-month warranty, with free technical support available through a UK/Ireland-based phone line. Extended warranty options are also available for purchase.
  • The generator features a copper wound motor, providing maximum power and stability. This ensures reliable performance even during demanding tasks.
  • It offers dual electric key start and T-MAX EASY recoil start options, providing convenience and flexibility for starting the generator.


  • The generator is heavy, weighing 46 kg when full of petrol and oil. This may make it difficult to transport or move around, especially for individuals who may not have the strength to lift it.
  • Some customers reported that the generator arrived with a bent chassis and inadequate packaging, leading to potential damage during transportation.
  • The generator does not come with rubber feet, which are necessary for added stability. Without them, the generator may be less secure and prone to movement during operation.

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In conclusion, the T-MAX Portable Petrol Generator 6000-WE by Dealourus is a high-quality and reliable power solution. Its easy setup, dual electric key start, and copper wound motor make it a convenient and efficient choice. Despite a few minor drawbacks, such as the weight and initial packaging issues, the overall performance and customer service outweigh these concerns.

I highly recommend this generator to anyone in need of a versatile and dependable power source for their projects. The T-MAX Portable Petrol Generator offers great value for money and has proven to be a reliable companion during my outdoor ventures.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Is the T-MAX Portable Petrol Generator easy to start?

Answer: Yes, the generator can be started easily using either the electric key start or the pull-cord option. Customers have reported that it starts reliably with both methods.

Question: Can the generator handle multiple appliances simultaneously?

Answer: Yes, customers have successfully used the generator to power multiple appliances, such as a 3KW iron, a 1.8KW compressor, and a 500W lamp. However, it is recommended to allow the generator to warm up before connecting multiple appliances.

Question: Does the generator come with a warranty and customer support?

Answer: Yes, the generator comes with a 24-month warranty and free technical support. There is a UK/Ireland-based phone line for assistance, and extended warranty options can be purchased during checkout. However, some customers mentioned that they had difficulty reaching customer support for certain issues.

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