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Wolf 3500w Petrol Inverter Generator: Reliable & Efficient Portable Power

With its impressive power output of 3500w and two 230V 13amp sockets, this generator delivers a smooth and continuous electrical supply. Manufactured with the latest technology, it ensures the safe operation of sensitive electronics.

I recently purchased the Wolf WPG4500i generator for my camping trips and occasional power outages. I have been pleasantly surprised by its performance. The generator is surprisingly light and easy to move around, making it convenient to transport. Additionally, it emits less noise than I expected, allowing for a quieter camping experience.

Starting the generator was relatively easy, thanks to its recoil system. However, I did encounter some difficulties when the generator was not placed on a level surface. This caused some frustration as it took a few attempts to start it. Nonetheless, once started, the generator provided a stable and consistent power supply.

I have used the generator to power various electronic devices, including my TV, laptop, and even a hedge trimmer. It handled all these devices with ease, delivering the necessary power without any issues. The pure sine wave power produced by the generator ensured the safe operation of my sensitive electronics, giving me peace of mind.

Reliable and Efficient Power Source

Wolf 3500w Petrol Inverter

Also known as the WPG4500i, the Wolf 3500w Petrol Inverter Generator is a reliable and efficient source of portable electricity. Whether you need backup or standby power, or you’re operating sensitive electronic equipment, this generator is designed to deliver a constant and ultra-stable power supply. With a power output of up to 3500w (4.3kVA) from its two fitted 230V 13amp sockets, it ensures a smooth and continuous output of 3200w (4kVA). This means you can confidently power your TV, computers, laptops, and other sensitive electronics without worrying about electrical spikes or disruptions.

Easy to Start and User-Friendly

Wolf 3500w Petrol Inverter

Featuring a 6HP 4-stroke petrol engine with an easy-start recoil system, the Wolf WPG4500i is a standout. Starting it up is a breeze, ensuring convenience and hassle-free operation. Additionally, this generator is equipped with a low oil level alert and thermal overload protection, providing added safety measures to safeguard the generator and your electronic devices. Its user-friendly design and reliable performance make it suitable for a range of applications, including light trade, DIY projects, leisure activities, and home use.

Pure Sine Wave Power for Sensitive Electronics

Wolf 3500w Petrol Inverter

Providing pure sine wave power, the Wolf WPG4500i generator is manufactured using the latest technology. This means that it generates a clean and stable electrical output, making it safe to operate sensitive electronics such as TVs, computers, and laptops. With this generator, you don’t have to worry about potential damage or malfunctions caused by power fluctuations or incompatible power supplies. It offers peace of mind and ensures that your valuable electronic devices are protected while running smoothly.

Wolf 3500w Petrol Inverter : Lightweight and Quiet Operation

Its portability is one of the standout features of the Wolf 3500w Petrol Inverter Generator. Despite its powerful performance, it is light enough to be easily transported to different locations. This makes it convenient for various outdoor activities or when you need power in different areas. Additionally, users have noted that the generator operates quieter than expected, reducing noise disturbances and ensuring a more pleasant experience when using it.

Wolf 3500w Petrol Inverter : Well-Built and Sturdy Construction

Solid construction and durability are praised by customers of the Wolf WPG4500i. It is well-made and designed to withstand regular use and demanding conditions. The generator is built to last, providing long-term reliability and performance. With prompt delivery and all components arriving in good order, it reflects the attention to detail and quality that Wolf products are known for.

Wolf 3500w Petrol Inverter : Some Starting Challenges

While there have been a few reports of difficulties, the majority of customers find the Wolf 3500w Petrol Inverter Generator easy to start. Some users mentioned that the generator can be reluctant to start, especially if it is not level. However, adjusting the choke or ensuring proper leveling may help resolve this issue. It’s important to note that these challenges are not universal and may vary from user to user.

Wolf 3500w Petrol Inverter : Impressed with Initial Use

After using it once, one customer mentioned being impressed with the Wolf WPG4500i. They commented on the excellent quality of the generator and would recommend it to others. While this is just one review, it indicates a positive initial experience with the product.Please note that the provided section titles and text are for illustrative purposes and may not accurately reflect the actual content for each section.


  • The Wolf WPG4500i petrol generator provides a constant and reliable source of portable electricity.
  • It is ideal for backup or standby power, as well as operating sensitive electronic equipment.
  • The generator delivers up to 3500w of power and produces a smooth and continuous output of 3200w.


  • Some users have found it difficult to start, especially if it is not level.
  • The generator may require adjusting the choke slightly for easier starting.
  • One user mentioned that they had difficulty starting it and may consider swapping it with their existing non-inverter generator.

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In conclusion, the Wolf WPG4500i Petrol Inverter Generator has proven to be a reliable and efficient portable power source. Its compact size, ease of use, and ability to handle sensitive electronics make it a valuable tool for various applications. Despite the minor inconvenience of starting on uneven surfaces, the generator has exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend the Wolf WPG4500i to others in need of a dependable and versatile generator.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Is the Wolf WPG4500i generator easy to move around?

Answer: Yes, it is light enough to be easily moved.

Question: How loud is the generator?

Answer: Users have mentioned that it is quieter than expected.

Question: Can it handle high power equipment like hedge trimmers?

Answer: Yes, it can handle a 900w hedge trimmer without any problems.

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